Workshop Summary- This one-day workshop focuses on building a foundation of awareness and understanding of our emotions, communication styles and the impact they can have on others. The workshop focuses heavily on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and understanding how to utilize this important concept in our business and personal lives.

This highly interactive program is designed to fully engage attendees to enhance the learning process and achieve lasting sustainable results. 

Workshop Topics Include:



The importance of “Relationship Building” and the direct impact it has on  “Influence”, a critical skill in business.

Five Key Aspects of EI:

Self Awareness- The ability to recognize one’s emotions, strength’s, weaknesses, and impact on others.

Self Regulation – Knowing those “triggers” that can sabotage performance and how to control those emotions.

Relationship Management – Understanding why many fail at this critical skill and what you can do to make this a personal asset.

Empathy- Seeing the world from the other persons perspective. A key attribute for EI success.

Communications –  Studies show our body language and tone of voice impact others far more then the words we use. Understanding this is key to professional success. 

Learning Objectives and Results

An understanding of self-awareness and emotional intelligence are critical skills that lead to improved communications, influence and positive culture change.

How to create a culture of trust and open communications at all levels of the organization.

An understanding of skills that will that lead to improved safety, employee engagement and customer relations.

“Critical Skills for Personal and Team Success” is a highly interactive program designed to identify and eliminate potential blind spots to those behaviors which could be sabotaging performance, and creating dysfunctional cultures impacting safety, quality, productivity and customer relations.  The speaker utilizes relatable videos and personal stories to drive home key elements, which will positively impact attendees and performance.


Critical Skills
 – One Day Workshop
​Bruce Bolger